Because of our experience, we consider our company to be specialists in this area. From relocation of a structure to comply with all state and national historic guidelines or simply fixing the old family home place back to the way it was years ago ... this is an area where we offer our expertise, insight and creativity. We have often been referred to as a company with the ability to transcend current thinking towards the old and focus on the grandness that was. Visionary best describes our attitude in regards to this important work.

Historical Projects

T.A. Crews - Major restoration of 4000 sq ft house as well as grounds and buildings. Ongoing maintenance contract.

1902 Edwina Leight - Relocate structure. Major restoration and remodeling with sensitive additions.

1927 Old Walkertown Rd - Complete restoration of 1925 bungalow.

1885 Pegg House - Major restoration. Now used as a tea room and office.

1865 Greenfield House - Relocated. Major restoration and sensitive additions.

1870 Stafford House - Relocated. Restored. Ongoing maintenance contract.

1900 Ann Stafford House - Relocated. Replaced structure on improve site. Major restructure and sensitive additions.

1900 Abee Farm - Complete remodel and renovation of home as well as large barn salvage.

1860 Train Depot (town of Kernersville) - Relocated structure off right of way. Restored foundation and large chimney.

1895 Jeanette - Sensitive remodeling.

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